National Environment Tribunal

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The National Environment Tribunal is established under Section 125 of the Environmental Management and Co-ordination Act (Cap 387 of the Laws of Kenya) (Previously cited as Act No. 8 of 1999). Its mandate is provided under section 129 (1) and 129(2) of EMCA, Section 70(2) of the Forest Conservation and Management Act and Section 25(6) of the Wildlife conservation and Management Act. Its principal function is to receive, hear and determine appeals arising from decisions of the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) on issuance, denial or revocation of environmental impact assessment (EIA) licenses, among other decisions, the decisions of Kenya Wildlife services (KWS) through the Ministerial wildlife conservation and compensation committee and those of the Kenya forest services (KFS).


To be a premier Environmental Tribunal characterized by excellence and promoting the rule of law


To facilitate access to justice, the rule of law and provide accessibility to environmental justice that is expeditious and affordable for equitable and sustainable development.

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