NET APPEAL NO. 181  OF 2016 BETWEEN JOSEPH MWAHUNGA (minor suing through his next friend and father JAMES MWAHUNGA TENJE) VS KENYA WILDLIFE SERVICE, CABINET SECRETARY MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT NATURAL RESOURCES AND REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT an appeal against the decision of KWS to reject a compensation claim made by the Appellant due to harm caused by a snake bite.
The issues for determination were:
– Whether the claim by the Appellant against the decision of the committee was sustainable.
The Tribunal found against decision of the County Wildlife conservation and compensation committee that the snake bite was not by a venomous snake on the basis that the effect of the snake bite was a cytotoxic reaction occasioning swelling which spread up to the Appellants left arm. That after the bite, the minor lost consciousness and was admitted for 10 days in hospital. That even after the discharge from the hospital the minor continued to suffer swelling on his leg and abdomen. The Tribunal recommended an award of 1,000,000 in favor of the minor.

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